About Me

Hello, my name is Donna.  I am a nurse by profession, a wife to my wonderful husband and a mum to my beautiful 16 month old son.  

My life has always been a bit caotic but eight weeks into motherhood I got the impression things were about to get a whole lot worse, after checking my rear view mirror and catching sight of my bright blue bugaboo cameleon flying through the air behind me!    An emergency stop, some very disgruntled commuters and an  illegal U-turn  later, I  rescued the crumpled pushchair from the road and shut it firmly back in the boot.  I leant back against the car, took a deep breath and desperately tried to remember where i’de put the recepit for William!

Since then, thanks to alot of help from the baby whisperer life has become much calmer, hence  here I am, writing a blog of my life.  Funny or useful to some, maybe boring to others.  Whatever you think, thanks for reading.


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